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Travel Management,

It’s in our DNA

A truly unique London/UK based corporate travel management company, combining the personal service that comes with our independent status alongside far-reaching buying power that you’d expect from a global TMC.

For over twenty years and through three generations of family, we’ve been taking care of business travel for clients who trust us to not only meet their expectations, but exceed them.


A service that is second-to-none. We take our clients’ corporate travel needs as seriously as we would take our own.


We will find every possible cost saving for you, even after a booking has been made.


Cutting edge technology, designed exclusively for our clients to improve every area of corporate travel.

A True Partnership

The clue may be in our name – we are an extension of every area of your business that touches corporate travel. We are a support to every EA/PA, Travel Booker & Finance team – from managing BA corporate reward programmes to ensure miles never expire, to flexible invoicing statements, tailored to your financial specifications.

Our meticulous attention to detail is not reserved purely for the relationships we build with your team – our technology is created, built, and managed in-house, allowing us full control to tailor any of our products to your unique business needs and to the highest possible standard.

This unique combination of exceptional service supported by diverse and advanced technology, allows us to ensure that business objectives are achieved efficiently and cost effectively, whilst building trust and confidence with the traveller themselves.

“Our dedicated, highly valued team are amongst the most experienced in the corporate travel industry”

Our Senior Management Team

Nigel Taylor, Chief Executive Officer at Business First Partnerhship

Nigel Taylor

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Belinda Swan, Chief Operating Officer at Business First Partnership

Belinda Swan


Chloe Clark, Commercial Director at Business First Partnership

Chloë Clark

Commercial Director

Marc Julicher, Technical Director at Business First Partnership

Marc Julicher

Technical Director

Clarie, Head of Corporate Strategy at Business First Partnership

Claire Denman

Head of Group Operations

Grace, Head of Finance at Business First Partnership

Grace Burdekin

Head of Finance

Hannah Walters, Head of Account Management at Business First Partnership

Hannah Walters

Head of Account Management

Ciara Milson, Head of Sales at Business First Partnership

Ciara Milson

Head of Sales

Bradley Edmonds, Head of Technology at Business First Partnership

Bradley Edmonds

Head of Technology

Sarah Fox, Head of Operations at Business First Partnership

Sarah Fox

Head of Training and Development

Michael Kent, Head of Client Implementations at Business First Partnership

Michael Kent

Head of Client Implementations

Andrew Sherry

Head of Prestige by BFP