Business Travel

How 360 Green is helping you meet your travel carbon goals

Improving environmental sustainability has become a key aspect of corporate social responsibility for businesses across the globe. In the last five years, the impact of business travel has come under closer scrutiny.

As a leading travel management company, Business First Partnership knows that corporate travel is essential in maintaining partnerships, exploring new markets, and building relationships with clients. We also recognise that many businesses are more determined than ever to align their business travel practices with ambitious sustainability objectives, which is why we launched 360 Green.

The future of corporate travel

Our mission is to adopt and promote innovative and sustainable practices within the travel industry by harnessing the power of our world-class 360 technology suite.

360 Green is our sustainability and carbon offsetting platform, designed and managed in-house to help businesses meet their sustainability goals and reduce the impact of corporate travel on the environment. The platform delivers a sustainable business travel programme that is accessible, transparent, and bespoke to your unique business needs through a range of intuitive features.

Assessing your impact

360 Green begins by helping businesses calculate their carbon footprint accurately. By analysing travel data, including flight miles, accommodation, and ground transportation, the platform generates concise impact reports outlining the carbon emissions generated by each trip you make.

The platform collates 12-month of your total carbon output, which can be drilled-down to review the individual contributions of each element of your travel. The findings are presented in an accessible format and display the equivalent industrial activity it would take to match your carbon footprint, as well as the carbon storage it would take to offset it.

Meeting your targets

Taking stock of your carbon footprint is an important first step in developing your sustainable travel programme. The next stage is the ability to define and monitor progress towards achieving specific emissions targets.

360 Green allows you to allocate carbon budgets by department or cost centre within an organisation and track your progress towards your goals in real time. The anticipated impact of a trip can be calculated in advance, and the City Analyser feature even allows you to select hotels based on their environmental performance, making it easier to identify more environmentally friendly choices. 

Carbon offsetting made easy

At Business First Partnership we understand that each business is unique and your sustainability goals may differ. Through 360 Green, we offer a broad selection of high-quality carbon offset projects for businesses to choose from. This allows companies to tailor their offsetting strategies according to their preferences and values.

Our carbon offsetting projects span around the world and support a range of causes including renewable energy initiatives and reforestation. Each project is vetted to ensure credibility and effectiveness, allowing your business to achieve Carbon Neutral Status.

Empowering businesses to make corporate travel sustainable

By embracing 360 Green, businesses can efficiently offset their carbon emissions whilst demonstrating their commitment to sustainability. Businesses can make informed decisions and easily define and meet their sustainability goals to significantly reduce their environmental impact.

We all play a pivotal role in driving positive change in sustainability practices – the onus is now on businesses to incorporate environmental stewardship into corporate travel practices. Thanks to our 360 Green platform, we are helping businesses do just that.