Business Travel

It’s fair to say,

We do things a little


Adding Value,

Without Compromise

We are driven by our clients’ need to see long term-value supported by people and technology that deliver benefits to every area of their business. Just as much for those doing the travelling, as for those planning the travel and controlling the costs.

Tomorrow’s technology,


The Business First Partnership 360 technology suite is designed, built and tested in-house by our travel technology developers, entirely with our clients in mind.

At the heart of our technology are the tools to save you time and money (our fare bench-marking technology never stops – tracking savings right up to the point of ticketing), whilst being easily tailored to our clients’ own in-house travel systems. What’s more, our smart technology synchs with traveller profiles, preferences, and business objectives. Each of our 360 Technology products have been designed to support both operational and practical business travel requirements, however complex.

If efficiency of time, travel safety and value for money are your corporate travel priorities, our unique technology will address them. We take the time to understand what technology services will best suit your corporate travel requirements, and always provide training so that you get the most out of each product.

38% Savings annually

Our far reaching buying power and loyal partnerships means we have the ability to deliver every possible cost saving

1 Hour
response time

Our clients trust us to respond when they need us. Efficient, accurate and impeccable service – no matter what

No Contracts

Our clients work with us because they are seeing the benefits to their business, not because they are contractually obliged

How Business First Partnership can help your Travel Programme

Business First Partnership delivers exceptional corporate travel management solutions. Through the recruitment of extraordinary people and the development of unrivalled technology, we deliver a service that improves every aspect of corporate travel and have been doing so for over 25 years. Working with Travel Managers, EA’s/PA’s, CEO’s, Finance Directors, and Office Managers – we provide practical forward-thinking corporate travel solutions with the utmost care and attention.

Within three generations of corporate travel expertise, we have nurtured a loyal client base who trust us to anticipate their unique needs – however complex – with the right solutions to enhance their travel experience and deliver impressive cost savings.

From the very first journey we build a partnership.

Are you the traveller?

Are you responsible for managing your travel programme?

Are you managing travel expenditure and budgets?

In-house 24 hour service accessible via direct dial or email.

Unlimited access to all “live” reservations with authority to create/amend/cancel bookings.

Fully compliant with your travel policy and procedures to keep within your budget.

All emails responded to within 1 hour and calls answered within 30 seconds.

Review meetings on a quarterly basis to measure performance against agreed KPI’s.

360 Genius ensures all invoices are uploaded with accurate financial data and distributed within 24 hours.

Every long-haul quote is benchmarked against online airline websites and retailers to secure best value.

By sourcing ‘best value’ fares, we do the work so your team don’t have to!

Our commitment to cost saving and adding value, ensures that business trips are booked within budget.

Every long-haul enquiry is audited to ensure all airline promotions, discounts and free upgrades” are offered.

Our fare specialists cut through the complexity of international fare tariffs.

By auditing every booking, even when ticketed, we maximise every opportunity to reduce travel costs.

We will include a British Airways “On Business” fare option for “company-expensed” travel.

We ensure that your On Business account is included on any applicable BA or One World flight.

We will send a quarterly report confirming how many “On Business” points have been accrued and when they expire.

Every hotel enquiry will include corporate, promotional and pre-paid rates with Expedia and

All your hotel negotiated rates will be loaded into our reservations system.

Our online reporting will provide the hotel data required to support your corporate rate programme.

We automatically contact the traveller or travel booker with two reminders on the ticket deadline day.

If the traveller is unable to confirm a booking during working hours, the BFP24 hour team can manage the booking until the fare expires.

Our proactive approach to ticket reminders ensures that a fare will never unknowingly expire, avoiding unnecessary cost increases.