Business First Partnership launches Escapes by BFP

Business First Partnership is pleased to introduce Escapes by BFP, our new luxury leisure travel division. We have partnered with London based tour operator Turquoise Holidays to launch a new luxury travel department to create bespoke, high-end holiday experiences. For more than 25 years, we have prided ourselves on delivering corporate travel solutions to clients […]

2024: Outlook for the year ahead

Corporate travel remains a key priority for businesses operating across the globe as it forms the basis of nurturing relationships with new and existing clients and securing opportunities in new markets. International travel is a highly complex industry and many factors- economic, technological and political- can shape the key trends influencing the world of corporate […]

How to unlock the best value when booking business travel

Managing long-haul, multi-itinerary travel programmes can become a complex administrative exercise for your business.  The price of airfares, ground transportation and hotel accommodation all add up, meaning travel management requires significant budgetary allocation. Many businesses lack the internal resources or expertise to independently manage their own corporate travel and look to outsource to travel management […]

Five ways partnering with a TMC can save you time booking corporate travel

Corporate travel is the cornerstone of success for many businesses with global operations. It’s an important tool for building and maintaining client relationships and expanding your business in new markets. However, managing your corporate travel requirements can quickly become a time-consuming exercise. Juggling flight bookings, hotel reservations and complex itineraries, all while remaining compliant with […]

Why Risk Management Should Be a Key Consideration in Your Business Travel Strategy

Whether it’s to nurture relationships with clients, attend industry events and conferences, or finalise a deal with key partners, we know that corporate travel is a vital driver of growth and success for many businesses. However, despite all the benefits, business travel can create uncertainties and challenges which pose a risk to your company and […]

How Business First Partnership is making mental health and wellbeing a priority

Since Business First Partnership was founded, we have been long-term advocates for mental health and are passionate about creating a company culture of inclusivity and support. To mark World Mental Health Day this year, Commercial Director Chloe Clark has shared her thoughts on why employee wellbeing is so important and explains what BFP is doing […]

How 360 Green is helping you meet your travel carbon goals

Improving environmental sustainability has become a key aspect of corporate social responsibility for businesses across the globe. In the last five years, the impact of business travel has come under closer scrutiny. As a leading travel management company, Business First Partnership knows that corporate travel is essential in maintaining partnerships, exploring new markets, and building […]

Five things to consider when picking a travel management company

If you are looking for a new travel management company, it can be difficult to know where to start. With so many possibilities, it often seems hard to distinguish between the different options. Partnering with a TMC that understands your business and all its requirements is paramount. The right company can help to streamline your […]

How working with a Travel Management Company can help you streamline your corporate travel experience

At Business First Partnership, we understand that for many businesses operating globally, corporate travel plays a pivotal role in expanding opportunities, nurturing client relationships and tapping into new markets. However, navigating flight bookings, hotel reservations, travel itineraries, as well as compliance and risk management practices can seem like a complex and time-consuming exercise for your […]