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Meet the MFP team

To help our audience get to know MFP better, we completed a Q&A with the team to understand more about our collective industry experience and passion for music and entertainment.

With a combined experience in the field of 59 years, it’s safe to say our team are experts in the field!

We chatted with each team member to find out everything that makes them tick, from the bands they love most to the strangest request they’ve had when booking a tour.

Check out their answers below.  

What’s your favourite element of a tour to work on?

Dan Horton (Head of Operations): Seeing months of planning come to fruition when they hit the road.

Rio Patel (Music Travel Manager): I would say planning and building relationships with clients and hoteliers, some of whom have become long term friends. I thrive on negotiating and gaining the best proposal for my clients – it gives me a real buzz!

Cath Goldby (Music Travel Manager): All of it!

Frankie Sousa (Music Travel Manager): Everything! I love putting a tour together, finding the best hotels within budget, flights, complex routes, ground transportation. I love the fact we can build amazing relationships with the suppliers and clients.

Alex Lovegrove (Music Travel Coordinator): Confirming chosen options for our client, whether hotels, transport, or flights, knowing we’ve found them great choices – it’s at that point I feel it all comes together.

What’s the best concert/festival you’ve ever attended?

Dan: David Bowie at Glastonbury in 2000.

Rio: I would have to say Beyoncé – I have seen her multiple times and that woman does not disappoint. She is talented vocally and knows how to put on an amazing show.

Cath: So many, but one that springs to mind is the Foo Fighters at Camden Dingwalls Secret Show.

Frankie: That’s a hard one! I cannot only mention one gig so here’s my favourites – Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Linkin Park, Coldplay and Bon Jovi.

Alex: Lenny Kravitz, he’s just so cool!

What was the first gig you ever attended?  

Dan: INXS Portsmouth Guildhall in, I think, 1992/1993.

Rio: It was a boy band called Blue at Wembley Stadium.

Cath: Chris Rea in 1988 at the Wembley Arena.

Frankie: Da Weasel, a Portuguese hip-hop/rap band that I was and still am obsessed with, but the first international gig I saw was Coldplay.

Alex: My friend’s band in the local pub when I was a teenager – the mosh pit was an experience!Aside from this, Rihanna.

What was the first album/CD you ever bought?

Dan: Now That’s What I Call Music sometime in the 80s!

Rio: I was a Spice Girl fan through and through so would have to say them…. So obsessed (girl power) and still am!!!

Cath: Transvision Vamp – defo wasn’t a CD though, it was a cassette!

Frankie: Queen or Tina Turner.

Alex: Spice Girls.

What’s your favourite country/destination you’ve travelled to on tour or for work?

Dan: New Zealand with the Foo Fighters.

Rio: I haven’t had the opportunity to go out on the road yet, but we are hosted by hotels so they can showcase their property. I would have to say Amsterdam has been my best location via work.

Cath: Tel Aviv.

Frankie: Saudi Arabia – I learned about a new culture and met some awesome people.

Alex: Paris! I just loved it there. 

What’s the most rewarding part of the job?

Dan: Being part of a very close-knit touring community and working with such a lovely team.

Rio: It has to be making the client happy and allowing all the travel aspects for them to run smoothly as they have a lot of pressure from other things whilst on the road.

Cath: Building long-term relationships with clients.

Frankie: Working in a team where everyone gets along and there’s respect for each other is amazing, but I have to say that when I go to a gig that I’ve been working on and I look around at thousands of people having the time of their lives, that makes me very proud as I know that I helped make that gig happen and that’s the best feeling in the world, making others happy.  

Alex: Receiving feedback and appreciation from the team. I love feeling useful and knowing I’ve helped them in helping our clients.

What’s your number one tip or consideration for planning the best tour?

Dan: Be prepared. Get ahead of the game and start booking as early as possible. Don’t rock up a week before your tour starts expecting cheap rates!

Rio: Take your time and consider the client’s wants/needs. Always think outside the box.

Cath: Communication.

Frankie: Keep calm and be organised. Always have a To Do List.

Alex: An organised Smartsheet.

What’s the most interesting or unique request you’ve had when planning a tour?

Dan: To source a wig stand for a very famous artist!

Rio: I would say the most unique requests are on clients’ riders and they can be wild.

Cath: Dog sitting for an artist while they were on stage!

Frankie: Ah, I cannot say, confidentiality always!

Alex: Helicopter transfers for acoustic guitar!

And finally, who do you think has the best music taste in the MFP team?

Dan: Cath Goldby! But that’s probably because we’re the same age!

Rio: That’s a hard one as we all like different genres. It’s a no comment from me!

Cath: Hard to say as our tastes are so eclectic!

Frankie: Hmmm, me of course!

Alex: Tough one – me! I like a bit of everything. Frankie is a close second though as I think her tastes are most similar to mine.