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Introducing BeeFP

To mark World Bee Day, we are excited to announce we have launched BeeFP, our very own set of beehives!

We have partnered with Knight’s Beekeeping to look after our beehives which will house our newest and smallest team members. The Knight’s team has worked hard over the last month to build us three bespoke hives which the bees are due to move into very soon.

Our team will have the opportunity to visit the bees in their new homes and to try their hand at beekeeping. Plus, each hive will produce around 50 jars of honey each year which we will get to enjoy.

Studies show that beekeeping is an effective activity for reducing stress and anxiety, which makes visiting the BeeFP hives a fantastic addition to our existing wellbeing initiatives available to our team.

Knight’s will also share with us plenty of information about the importance of bees and how initiatives like sponsoring hives can help stabilise their population.

Why supporting bees matters

Both in the UK and across the globe, bees are vital pollinators, contributing to thriving ecosystems and underpinning the continued existence of the rich variety of plant life which forms the bedrock of life on earth.

The global bee population has been in sharp decline over the last decade, through loss of habitat, the climate crisis, and increased use of pesticides.

However, there are plenty of steps we can all all take to both support our existing bee population and help their numbers to grow. This includes planting more bee-friendly flowers in our own green spaces, protecting habitats, and providing bees with a sheltered, safe space in which to live.

What are we doing to help?

At BFP we understand the importance of sustainability and our impact on the environment.

We help our clients meet their sustainability goals through 360 Green, our carbon offsetting tool that allows our customers to track the carbon emissions associated with their journeys, and select ways in which to balance this through a variety of environmental initiatives.

BeeFP is our way of making a difference and is a natural next step in our company’s continued commitment to protecting our planet.

We look forward to sharing frequent updates and photos from our apiaries and the opportunity to enjoy lots of delicious BFP honey!