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Business First Partnership launches new Health & Wellbeing Hub

At Business First Partnership, we are proud of our steadfast commitment to promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

As a remote business, it is especially important that this is accompanied by a collaborative working culture that promotes team cohesion.

To help us uphold these values, we are pleased to announce we have launched a new Health and Wellbeing Hub for our team. The industry-leading internal portal draws together a comprehensive range of wellbeing, teambuilding and employee incentive resources.  

For this blog, we spoke to our Commercial Director Chloe Clark to explore all the benefits the hub will have for our staff and why we chose to introduce it.

Professional care

As long-established advocates for workplace wellbeing, we know that there are many different aspects to supporting employee mental and physical health.

 “The new Health and Wellbeing Hub is an industry first,” explained Chloe. “This innovative online portal will give our staff access to all the resources they need in one place and underscores our belief that supporting employee wellbeing requires a holistic approach.”

One of the key benefits our new hub offers is easy access to professional advice and support. The hub features a range of blogs and newsletters from a licensed nutritionist and a physiotherapist to promote physical wellbeing as well as direct booking access to our in-house therapist.

 “We wanted to go the extra mile, by providing a range of quality resources from licensed professionals,” said Chloe.

“New resources available include recipe ideas to plan healthy, nutritious meals for you and your family, as well as tips on avoiding physical issues associated with working from your desk including bad posture and eye strain.”

Engaged, cohesive teams

Just like many other businesses, we took the decision to retain a remote working model following the pandemic to offer improved work-life balance for our employees.

However, we are wholly committed to ensuring we remain a close-knit team with a strong sense of camaraderie.

“While we are proud to provide our staff the freedom and flexibility of working from home, we are equally passionate about ensuring our people stay connected,” said Chloe.

“The Health & Wellbeing Hub has a dedicated social section, containing the calendar of our virtual and in-person social events which bring the team together on a regular basis. It will also allow employees to sign up for our popular, company-funded monthly book club, which around half of employees currently participate in.”

In addition, the hub will allow staff to manage how they use the quarterly staff rewards programme, which sees every staff member receive incentives such as hospitality vouchers, event tickets and family days out.

Collaborative approach

Our goal as an employer is to empower our staff to use the resources they find most beneficial to get the most out of the new Health & Wellbeing Hub.

To this end, we have adopted a collaborative, ‘bottom-up’ approach, and have welcomed suggestions and feedback from the team at every stage.

Chloe explained: “For this to make a real, positive impact on the business, we ensured that the team had the opportunity to be involved in designing the hub. The sharing of ideas has allowed us to provide tailored support for staff who share the same experiences.

“A key example is the initiatives we have in place for working mothers. The Health & Wellbeing Hub will build on the existing support network and flexible working options and offer a ‘Returning to Work’ advice guide specifically designed for women returning from maternity leave.”

Thriving working environment

The launch of the new Health & Wellbeing Hub is the latest development in our longstanding commitment to promoting a supportive working environment.

Our objective is to ensure our people feel respected and valued by their employer as well as a sense of belonging with their colleagues.

We are confident that that our efforts will strengthen job satisfaction, employee retention and overall business performance.

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