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BFP expands currency options

Business First Partnership is pleased to announce we have introduced a brand new billing option to enable our clients to pay in euros or pounds for maximum flexibility.

At BFP, we are constantly looking for new ways to streamline and improve the customer journey for every client we work with. Introducing a new currency option is a natural next step in this process, refining the experience of our customers who would prefer to pay in euros.

From booking flights to hotels and everything in between, a good travel management company should prioritise simplifying your corporate travel experience and making the process easy. Offering the flexibility to pay in either euros or pounds, depending on individual preferences, is the latest initiative we have introduced to do just this for our clients.

Listening and learning

At BFP, one of our top priorities is working in close partnership with our clients. An essential part of this partnership ethos is listening to the valued feedback of our existing clients and using it to take our service to the next level.

A key reason we are able to build long term, successful partnerships is that we put our clients first and are dedicated to shaping our company and working systems around what our clients actually want and need.

The launch of our new euro payment facility is a result of this commitment, having introduced the option following direct client requests.

Paying made easy

We have taken the step to introduce euro billing to improve the booking journey for clients with offices across Europe and allow each location to pay in whichever currency they prefer.

Introducing various currency options removes the hassle of exchange fees and makes tracking expenses across multiple offices simple.

Convenience for clients

We’re always on the lookout for ways to make our service more convenient to ensure your corporate travel programme fits in seamlessly with your day to day working life.

Our CEO Nigel Taylor explained: “Delivering an unparalleled service for our clients starts with getting to know their needs inside and out and listening to what they are really looking for from a travel partnership.

“We value feedback from our existing partnerships enormously – it’s what motivates us to constantly innovate and improve our service in any way we can.

“We know that many of our clients have their offices or headquarters overseas, and that the euro is their primary currency.

“Offering the option of paying in both pounds and euros simultaneously allows companies with offices all over Europe to pay however they wish and save a significant amount of time for travel managers and finance teams.

“We are confident this development will make a real difference to our existing and future travel partnerships and help set us apart in the crowded world of business travel.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about Business First Partnership and how we could support you in your corporate travel planning, please get in touch with one of our brilliant team members today.